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Labogena is a French industrial genotyping and sequencing site for animal and plant species.

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Living Technology

Labogena relies on several production lines with the following technologies:
Illumina Infinium, Thermofisher Axiom and Genotyping by Sequencing.

We now analyse all animal species

High-throughput genotyping/targeted sequencing

Gene/QTL testing

R&D consulting

Parentage attribution and genomic evaluations

Custom SNP matrices

We now analyse all plant species

High-throughput genotyping/targeted sequencing

Gene/QTL testing

R&D consulting

Quality checks

Custom SNP matrices

DNA extraction

We guarantee...


We optimise production processes and flows with competitive deadlines.
Customer advice and expertise are at the core of all our projects.


With industrial production capacity and ISO17025 accreditation, we offer you the highest level of reliability.


The tools and technologies we use enable our teams to achieve optimal productivity for reliable results.


We rely on the specialised and multidisciplinary skills of our experts to process samples in a specific way.

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Discover our industrial
genotyping and R&D centre

Designed with workflow experts, Labogena’s new infrastructure enables a production capacity multiplied on SNP chips and increased efficiency of its production workflows.


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Our analysis are certified and approved

Labogena deploys and is committed to a comprehensive quality improvement approach in compliance with ISO 17025:

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